One Can See Differently by E. C.

One Can See Differently by E. C.

Eugene St Martin Jr


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A journal of my life this year as I go about my life to church, to work, to teaching, to play, and to visiting friends. The first chapter is a story of the spring. The second chapter is like a sketchbook or a glimpse into a journal. There are reflections and prayers and wishes. The ideas from church are ideas I heard from the priests. It is really paraphrased versus a direct quotation. And some of the biblical quotes I used are used in the poem I wrote. Also, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a part of my book is the pictures I submitted. They help to illustrate and develop the book. The second chapter is about the summer of 2018 and about some of the things I went through. Still in my book, I am hoping it is pleasing to God. I hope it loves God. I hope it helps bring God’s love to others.